fundamentally fun!

Informative Fun

Readers will receive knowledge of the basis for why each skill and position is important in order to identify the main focus and objective of a specific sport. For us, fundamental knowledge is the focus that is of central importance in developing and learning how to play and advance in a particular sport. Readers will learn varying skillsets, the primary rules and responsibilities on which each position and objective is based. These books serve as the foundation and basis for structuring an athlete’s focus and trajectory for becoming the best at the sport they choose to play.

Spreading the knowledge

The FUNdamentally Fun! book series serves as the groundwork for building aspiring athletes and future sports stars.

Building from foundational knowledge is our priority. No matter what direction the athlete’s journey takes them in they will know that they have the proper information and understanding of their sport of focus in order to build the future they desire!  


Jarrod Clark founded FUNdamentally Fun! out of a desire to revive the lost art of teaching the fundamentals of sports from a foundational standpoint. Jarrod is a dedicated basketball player development coach in the Metro Atlanta area who has a knack for teaching and developing athletes. He hosts numerous camps and clinics in Metro Atlanta throughout the year in order to teach and build tough, smart, and confident athletes. He also successfully hosts overseas basketball exposure clinics in the Spring and Summer. He has trained AAU and collegiate basketball teams and basketball players on all levels, from the professional level down to elementary school. Jarrod believes that if you can build a solid and firm foundation through strategic fundamental teaching, players can become physically and mentally ready to thrive in the game of any sport.

Jarrod graduated from Southern Polytechnic State University (Kennesaw State University) with a B.S. in Business Administration. While at Southern Poly, he played on the Men’s Basketball team, where he held the single-season shot block record at Southern Poly. Jarrod is currently a Varsity Boy’s Basketball Head Coach in the Metro Atlanta area. He has coached and trained in Atlanta and surrounding cities for over 15 years. He’s a native of Jacksonville, Florida, and married with two children.